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Blessing Pocket Notes Blessing Pocket Notes
MEETING STARTERS! "I give you the gift of SILENCE so that you may hear My Voice inside yourself." Set of 24
Price: $4.95
Confirmation Pocket Notes Confirmation Pocket Notes
20 little cards for teen reflection on the Gifts and Fruits of Confirmaiton. Sturdy carrier w/loop.
Price: $4.95
Creativity Pocket Notes Creativity Pocket Notes
Attributes of Creativity on the front with quotations by renown people on the back. Thoughtful reflections to enkindle creativity!
Price: $4.95
Dream Pocket Notes Dream Pocket Notes
An inspiring "small gift" featuring quotations to encourage dreaming, perseverance and the power of dreams.
Price: $4.95
Gratitude Pocket Notes Gratitude Pocket Notes
When you want to say thank you with more than a card, these little gems of wisdom about gratitude are thoughtful and will be appreciated and used!
Price: $4.95
Healing Pocket Notes Healing Pocket Notes
Comforting, healing words on the front are excerpts from the full reflective quotations on the back.
Price: $4.95
Leadership Pocket Notes Leadership Pocket Notes
Attributes of Leadership with insightful quotations tucked into a cardboard "Pocket Note" carrier w/ Loop bow.
Price: $4.95
Meditation Pocket Notes Meditation Pocket Notes
Thoughtful reflections for creating an inner peace. Helpful resource for personal retreats and vacations.
Price: $4.95
Pocket Note Acrylic Holder Pocket Note Acrylic Holder
Table-top card holder for Pocket Notes, a sparkling clear acrylic with a heavy gauge seamless construction.
Price: $1.75
Vocations Pocket Notes Vocations Pocket Notes
Set of 21 cards featuring Scripture quotes and reflections for Vocation discernment.
Price: $4.95
Wisdom Years Pocket Notes Wisdom Years Pocket Notes
Reflections about graceful and creative aging on miniature cards; convenient for daily reflections and also gatherings.
Price: $4.95
Words on Wood:  Brothers and Sisters Words on Wood: Brothers and Sisters
Plaque: We’ve learned to fly the air like birds, we've learned to swim the seas like fish, and yet we haven't learned to walk the Earth as brothers and sisters. (MLK)
Price: $18.95
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