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Catholic Prayers CP-700 Catholic Prayers CP-700
Great teaching tool! Flip calendar-format for quick reference and memorizing ease. Includes 36 prayers. Click to view more.
Price: $7.95
Marriage Prayer Jar Marriage Prayer Jar
One-A-Day! 365 cards that provide spiritual and practical insights on marriage. Can be used over and over...
Price: $54.00
MARRIAGE WISDOM Growing in Love 365 Days MARRIAGE WISDOM Growing in Love 365 Days
An enduring gift with the same wise and reflective words as in our Marriage Prayer Jar; a perpetual format to re-use year after year. 
Price: $16.95
Moose Tracks Moose Tracks
Art by Pat Willems, CSJ. Available as 11" x 14" Matte Print, 16" x 20" Canvas. Also as a Christmas Card (go to "Cards - Christmas")
Price: $15.00
Personal Prayer Jar Personal Prayer Jar
"Anything we turn in the direction of God is a prayer." Ignatius Loyola
Price: $14.95
Prayer Jar (large) Prayer Jar (large)
Large Prayer Jar (without cards)is cast in one piece. Images of creation are etched onto the surface of the 10" sphere.
Price: $38.00
Prayer Jar, Children's (Daily Cards Included!) Prayer Jar, Children's (Daily Cards Included!)
For family or classroom! Filled with a year's worth of character-building mini-cards for daily actions! Fun too!!(Later Jar can be used for family prayers.)
Price: $49.00
Prayer Jar, Miniature, Paint-It-Yourself Prayer Jar, Miniature, Paint-It-Yourself
Original Prayer Jar in Paint-It-Yourself kit. Engaging gift for creative kids while teaching them about praying.
Price: $18.00
Prayer Jar, Teen (Daily Cards Included!) Prayer Jar, Teen (Daily Cards Included!)
365 Mini-cards with quotes and reflections about life and life situations; all created by teens themselves. 
Price: $49.00
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