“My daughter loves the Lord with all her heart and this beautiful painting spoke to her a few years ago”. 

“This is a beautiful thing you are doing. I am truly grateful and praying to St. Joseph for the grace that these cards help our Parish.

“Thanks a whole bunch - I have been praying with this painting - WOW.”

“I look forward to the digital cards. The artwork is outstanding!”.

“Mary Southard is a treasure”. Wonderful, a real ministry of the arts!”

“I am very grateful that you allow me to use your beautiful art, which also conveys a powerful message.” 

“I am very grateful that you allow me to use your beautiful art, which also conveys a powerful message.” 

“Such beauty. Thank you.” 

“Thanks for your help - I love this ministry!”

“Sr. Mary’s artwork will come with us to grace our new home”

“Thanks so much! You’ll probably hear from me again. I see so many possibilities using them with our communications.”

“The art is so peaceful for me to look at.”

“I would like to thank you for keeping Ministry of the Arts going. It is a real ministry to everyone as we seek to live out our mission to live reconciliation and all inclusive love. 

“I can't tell you how pleased we are to use and to share your sisters' artwork. It is so beautiful and truly inspiring. I have very little artistic talent and it absolutely amazes me that someone can create such beauty. I look forward to our working together for such a great cause. I love Pope Francis so much 

“This is all wonderful; thank you for making everything so easy! I love your artwork and appreciate all that you share through Ministry of the Arts!”


“We loving having the opportunity to use MOTA’s artwork in our prayer, it leads our attendees into reflection and is the perfect focus point”

“Women Forward International uses the transformative power of art to inspire love and human unity. We feel this artwork is a gorgeous representation of our mission. Thank you!”

“I am thankful for your music ministry. In times of retreat and daily prayer I have benefited greatly from listening to your music. Thank you for being a blessing in my life. We are so grateful for your kindness and patience in allowing us access to Sr. Kathy’s music.

“Thank you so much for making Mary's artwork available.  They mean so much to me and I love to share them with others this time of year.”

“Thank you again for your generosity in sharing these beautiful images. They fit our theme so well.” 

“ It’s wonderful that you are making this artwork available for free—we are so grateful.”

“Love your artwork and thank you for offering it digitally.” 

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